Best crystals for beginners

There a lots of crystal and I meant it! Lots! So here is a list of must have crystals for beginners.

1. Rose quartz: love and peace, is the most important crystal for the heart ❤ and heart chakra.

2. Amethyst: blocks stress and negative energy, enhances spiritual awareness.

3. Lapis lazurite: opens the third eye chakra and balance the throat chakra. Enhance dream work and psychic abilities.

4. Smokey quartz:most efficient ground crystal, anti stress, lift depression.

5. Fluorite: cleanse and stabilize the aura, draws out negative energy

6. Amber: strong connections with the earth and is a grounding stone,powerful healer and cleanser that draws disease from the body also motivates the intellect.

7. Carnelian: has the ability to cleanse other crystals, grounds you and has high energy ,stimulate creativity.

8. Selenite: clarity to mind, deep peace and excellent for meditation or spiritual work.

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